Day 1

Giusy Caruso 
The ‘Other(-ness)’of My-self: A mirroring method in artistic research 
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp​

Francesco Venturi 
The Transformative Power of the Extended Voice
Kingston University​

Kobe Van Cauwenberghe 
Anthony Braxton’s Arista Years: A listening session
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp​

Tiffany Du Mouchelle 
My? Voice: Unbinding vocal identity in performance

University at Buffalo, Department of Music

Day 2
Camiel Van Winkel 
Artistic Research as Appropriation​
LUCA School of Arts, Brussels

Noam Youngrak Son 
Becoming an Eel, Becoming a Bat​
Design Academy Eindhoven​

Arkadi Zaides 
Forensics Practice for Mourning the Othered​

University of Antwerp & Royal Conservatory Antwerp, Corporeal research group

Ghent University, S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media)

Esteban Donoso 
Re-writing Yourself as Other, Invoking Your Others

York University, Toronto, Canada

Visiting researcher, CIASp Centre de Recherche en Cinéma et Arts de Spectacle at ULB

Emma Johnson and Smila Zinecker
Exhibition (only on 24 March): "Who is the Other?" 

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp